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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Filled with Hope

I found an quote this past February that I adore - because I can see exactly why it was stated.

"The day the Lord created Hope, was probably the same day he created Spring" {Bern Williams}

Isn't that the truth... mercy... Spring is a season based on Hope... Hope for a great growing season,Hope for opening up the windows and enjoying fresh air, Hope that the winter's "ick and crud" leaves your family, hope that your kids can go outside and wear off their energy.  You get my point...  Spring is full of hope... it's one in the same... 

The word "Hope" has been my inspiration for our Spring Decor... and what better way to showcase that inspiration than the honor of our front door...

Keeping the same wonderful teal picture frame that I have used for many a door decor post before...
You can see my other posts here and here.
My hope is his simple statement as you walk by or up to our house offers you encouragment, brings a smile to your face... knowing that the opportunity for something better is available.  Have hope!
Tutorial on how to make this sweet awesome-sauce door decor!
Using my Cricut I cut out the letters with my Cherry Limeade cartride.
Size 7" letters

Using a Stampin Up banner punch I punched out multiple flags out of scraps of craft papers - many of them I have used elsewhere in the house - on the building blocks in our entryway entryway or in our dining room here
Using Elmers Hobby Glue, I then attached all the flags to the black ric rac ribbon that I have been using all over the house this spring for other banners (living room )
While that is drying, lets get the poster board ready and in our frame....

Measure your frame for the perfect fit, and then again measure your posterboard to ensure a perfect fit.
Cut to the correct size.

Here are my other materials for the front... cut letters and Elmer's Craft/Hobby Glue.
I glued the letters onto the black poster board using the Elmer's Hobby Glue...
 Attached the banner to the frame - no glueing needed... just run the ribbon thru the staples in the back of the frame, tie it off and you are good to go!

Welcome to our home... I hope you have a great time, we love having you over!

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