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Friday, March 7, 2014

How much is that bicycle in the window?

The one with the flowers and wavey bunting?


Forgive me... A.) it's Friday and B.) it's nice and sunny out.... I get giddy sometimes... and giddiness leads to my weird sense of humor... my smark aleck cheecky remarks sometimes tend to get out of hand...  Need to REEL it back in... 


Ah yes... the bike in the window...

SERIOUSLY... how fun is that! 

We have a bay window in our dining room that we typically have pillows and a padded seat that sit in there almost year round, except in the winter time we have to take them out, as it creates a barrier and the moisture seems to freeze on the windows (when you have worked at Pella Corporation you tend to learn about wicking moisture away, blah blah blah - engineering stuff) 

So now I have this open space... and it's not really pretty... rather blah... so.. 

I brought my bike inside and put it in this spot.  This bike was found at the What Cheer Flea Market and I negotiated the price to $20.00.  I was soooo jazzed... adorable blue and cream bike... old school looking at that... however... no gears... just straight leg power is fueling that bad boy... (hills are a killer)

I wanted white wall tires, got those at Bobzilla's Bike Shop in Oskaloosa - they cost more than the bike did LOL!   They look great though!!! Seriously... great!

To dress up the bike a bit I added:
a flower basket - you could use a bike basket if you have one, just something that will sit over the handlebars.
Yellow Tulips - I live in Pella... we love us some tulips!
Some Fake grass as a filler
I made another bunting to hang on the bike, in the same colors I have used around the house already.  you can check out an up close view here
I actually added a black bird made out of poster board, scrapbook paper and a bamboo skewer...
I traced the bird from our entryway onto black poster board, cut two of them out, glued them together and viola!  insta bird in a basket.

Here's an inside evening view from inside our dining room. 

Have a great and happy Friday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by, hope you were inspired to try something different, get outside the normal box.

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