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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Help Pick our Laundry Room Paint Color!

We are getting ready to redo our laundry room...
You saw our post the other day with our 3-D layout along with the view of the room in its current state.  In case you missed it, you can see it here.

I have been mulling over paint colors for this room.
I would like the following criteria:
  • fresh color
  • one that coordinates with white and a white wainscotting and chair rail. 
  • needs to be soothing/mildly neutral
  • would look good in florescent lighting and no windows/natural light

I had picked out a couple off greige blue colors from Lowes, now I cannot find them online.  Thankfully I have the paint chips, however that doesnt do alot of good here on this post.  They were both Valspar colors, one is Woodlawn Silver Brook (5001-1B) which is a color from the National Trust for Historic Presveration, and the other was Autumn Fog (4007-1B).  You can go to and check out these colors if you would like

Here is the links:

Autumn Fog (4007-1B)

Woodlawn Silver Brook (5001-1B)

I do however have some color swatches that we can all view on the post directly and vote to see which is the winner - the other two above are also contenders, I just cannot get their color chips online, so this will have to do.

 #1 Clothesline Fresh

 #2 Cool Sheets          

 #3 Feeling Blue        

 #4 Eggshell Sau        

 #5 Morning Jog        

 #6 Peaceful               

 #7 The Harbor          
What's your choice? What do you think would look the best in this room?
And the voting starts NOW!


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  2. Good choices! I'm kind of drawn to Feeling Blue or Morning Jog.

    1. great choice! thanks for voting! I feel they are all so similar yet different, neutral and fresh at the same time...

  3. I really like both of those colors ladies!!! I have a pickle on my hands trying to decide what great color to use! thanks for your input!!!!