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Friday, April 4, 2014

Sunny Sandbox Springtime Silliness

Every kid I know or have known has LOVED the sandbox... they have had all different kinds...the ones in the Lil Tykes Turtle, the ones in a old tractor tire,  or a separate wooden framed structure that houses sand and all the fun digging and scooping tools. 

Our daughter is no different!  She loves to play outside, get dirty and enjoy the freedom of being outdoors.  I love hearing her giggles and watching her imagination as she is playing. 

We purchased this swing set from Craigslist last year in 2013 from a family in Urbandale.  We got a great price on it, after our payment, all we had to do was come take it apart and take it home.  When I say we... I mean Shawn.... Finley and I just played in their yard together.  We all did help load the pieces of the set into the truck though... that's redeeming, right?

Finley had a makeshift sandbox, in an old green tote of mine, it was nice, it had a lid to it, and it would hold all of her toys.
Her new swing set however, had a frame at the bottom for a built in sandbox...  super fancy!  However as you all know there are creatures out there who like to poop in the sandbox, and weeds tend to grow... while it is natural ... not something I want my daughter to be play in.

Lets measure and fit garden paper to line the sandbox bottom and sides with....

Screw in 2x4's onto the sides to seal up any outside animals from getting in thru the cracks between the set and the ground (our backyard is on a slight slope)

Staple said garden paper to the insides of the sandbox frame

Allow child to play on swing set above you while trying not to staple your fingers to the said garden paper...

Fitted paper, keeping the weeds and grass out of the sandbox hopefully!

Fill the sandbox with sand

Now onto the lid creation to keep animals from pooping 
(sorry if that's too graphic, wait, no I'm not)
Shawn created a hinged box from 2 pieces of wood we had in the garage. 
He attached 2 hinges to the frame of the sandbox and to the first piece of wood....
Then attached 2 more hinges to the 2nd piece of wood...
Then screwed the hinges from piece 2 to piece 1 and then the 2 pieces of wood were together, like an accordion.
This allows the lid to be lifted up and to fold down in the middle so the lid doesn't take up as much room and you can sit on it as a seat to play in the sand from underneath the steps to the playhouse area.

The lid fits over the entire top of the box.  I think it needs a handle to make it a little easier to maneuver... and Finley can't open it herself, an adult has to open it.  The wood is pretty heavy.  However it will stay shut during bad windy weather which is helpful!
Just a couple of fun pics of Finley enjoying the outdoors and her new sandbox. 

How about you and your family?  Are you doing any springtime outdoor activities?  Planning on sprucing up any sheds or swing sets?  Maybe making a fun play area for your kiddies?