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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lets Air our Dirty Laundry .... Room

Just typing that title gave me anxiety...

You are about to go where most people do not DARE to go...

{Can I interject something here?} - I am sweating and my chest is feeling a tight - I am really not excited to share my mess with you...  LOL

I am about to show you a room that we dont show off.... EVER...
ok I really feel like I am writing some drama/horror story line...

It's our Laundry Room!  GASP! 

Ok... now that I have broken down and shared one of my secret disaster areas with you...
 I would like to release a couple of statements:
a.) no judgement pretty please :)
b.) I am already signed up for Pine Sol users anonymous, no need to send me the literature.
c.) should we come into some sort of soap apcololypse, please do not call me.
d.) Hi my name is Michele, and I am a hoarder of cleaning products...
SOOoooooo.... as you can see... there is quite a mess in this room... it does alot of work... and it literally is overlooked and ignored as much as possible... frankly its an ugly room... really... really quite drab and boring.  However it really needs some organization and some "prettying up" as well. 
My very talented and creative hubbalicous came up with this 3-D design layout for our new and improved laundry room!  Thought I would share the layout with you, and share our ideas on how to make this room work for us. 

We have top loading machines - when we purchase new ones, we are thinking the Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine and Dryers from Lowe's - now leaving dream land and heading into reality...
  • We would like to install 2 cabinets along the far wall when you face the machines.
These would house our laundry products (aka, my soap collections)
There would be a clothes rack in between the two cabinets, so hang up clothes when they come out of the dryer.
The black bar  that shows up in this photo is a retractable drying rack that will attach to the wall across from it. 
Underneath the shelf that is inbetween the two cabinets we would put our laundry baskets for dirty clothes. 
There is space above the cabinets for some storage boxes/baskets. 

I am looking forward to finding the perfect cabinets for our laundry area.  I feel a shopping trip coming on!!!!!
How are you adding or organizing a hard working area in your home?

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