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Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

YAY!  My brother moved back to Iowa, and that makes me VERY HAPPY!
He has been serving our country in the ARMY for about 12 years now, and we have missed having him around. 
To welcome him to his new digs (rental property) We put together a very simple and cute Housewarming Gift.   
 Welcome mat from Dollar General - super cute in the bright chevron print.  I thought the colors were so bright and fun.  The towels and potholders also came from Dollar General.  - I think I may have found a hidden shopping gem!!!!! 
I also threw in some cleaning products - when you move into a new property - you always want to make sure its nice and clean starting out!!! 
Scrubbing Bubbles 2 pack came from Target as well as the Soft Scrub. 
I rolled all the goodies up into the mat, tied it up with a ribbon = rug taco - fixin's of cleaning products and a touch of cotton. 

Cute and easy little welcome to your new house! 
I am seriously so happy that he is here.  It's so nice to have your family all in one place! 

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