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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Springing up the Ole Living Room

I am on the warpath to bring spring to life.... stinking groundhog... what does he know anyway... really Phil?  Really?????  jeeeeeezzzzzz.... (insert MAJOR eyeroll and foot stomp here) 

Now that I have indulged my 3 year old sassy fit... off to apply a temporary Band-Aid  - a spring face lift if you will! 

Our Living room.... we hang out here as a family every evening, coloring, snuggling, movie watching, fixing our cars - er... Finley fixes her Cozy Coupe Car ... and over all... just enjoy our time together as a family...

This spaced deserves a little spring face lift!   So... without further ado... here's the re-vamp of our living room - well the mantel area anyways...

I used the color combo of:

Yellow, Teal, Tiffany Blue , Gray
Cream & White with touches of:
Black and Greenery
I used different materials for our mantel bunting... felt, fleece, painted canvas and I added a preppy white stripe to the grey fleece for a little added fun-ness(is that even a word?)
This is all held onto black ric rac ribbon. 
Here you can see our topiary at work... adding a little spring time action...
I purchased the small teal tray and the yellow chevron clipboard at Target in the OneSpot - for a whopping $1.00!  The bird... you may recognize from a previous Thriftstore Thursday post

Over on the other side of the mantel...  a pretty arrangement consisting of:
Succulents in a creamy concrete planter from Target
Creamy White birdcage from Michaels - it was 40% off, and then they took another 25% off at the register!!!  WHAAAAAAT?  = insane craziness right!?!?!?
White candlestick from Dollar General  with a blue candle and black and yellow ribbon
I covered 3 books in the coordinating grey, white and painted canvas materials... these are older books that I have kept on hand, that I just wrapped in fabric to match the décor.  Quick, Easy and Simple!

Gosh I love seeing the bright POPS of color, the greenery added to the room... just what I needed to add a little hope to my day that spring is juuuuuuuuuuuuust right around the corner...

"The day the Lord created Hope, was probably the same day He Created Spring {Bern Williams}

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