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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thrift Store Thursday!!! Low down on the goods....

I freaking LOVE shopping at the local thrift stores!!!
They offer great opportunities... at a low cost...  the chance to repurpose, to try a new look, to dig thru all the excess to find that ONE magic item that speaks to you (if I may quote the Pier One Holiday commercials)

I also like what they contribute to the communities they are in. :)  Everyone wins!

I thought I would share my magically wonderous finds with y'all!!!

coffee cup holder will be a nice addition for my jewelry organization area... to hang some necklaces on.  I will need to put this together and paint.  This cost $1.99

I think I will spray paint this heart candle holder watermelon pink and place it on our mantle for Valentine's Day.  This was $1.99

A couple of knick knacks that I can place as added embellishments for layering, they were .99 a piece

A fun denim vest to add a layer up with tank tops along with my maxi skirts... this was $2.99 
I pinned a couple of ideas of outfits with denim vests on my style board on Pinterest.
along with several other outfit ideas! 

I thought this little bird would be cute painted a beautiful blue.  I can and will use this for spring and summer décor.  This cost $1.99

I adored this sweatshirt "Dream in Color" with the melted crayons...  I think this will look adorable with some leggings - great cozy day sweatshirt for $3.99

I saw a gorgeous outfit with a black and white check shirt paired with a pencil skirt on Pinterest... I think this shirt is pretty comparable, and it's Ralph Lauren to boot!

My last purchase was some delightful wide legged boat jeans from Eddie Bauer.  I loved the scooped pockets, the width of the legs and the ADORABLE button detailing on the pockets.  Very comfortable, and classy at the same time!  Price is still great, at $8.99!!!! 
I spent around $20.00 at the local Goodwill in Oskaloosa, enjoyed my adventure browsing and using my imagination to see things not just for what they are, but for what they could be.
How about you, any thrift stores in your world that are totally rocking with great deals and buys?

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