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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We not Me watercolor - work in progress...

Have you ever had a statement make a HUGE impact on you?
Has it ever made you re-evaluate your life, your mental thought process etc.?

Now... what I am about to share with you might not be that striking or impactful - or it could be - if you enjoy the simplicity of statement.

 - I enjoy this statement because its a reminder that there is more to life than yourself, think of others, put their needs before yours. 

Also... please pardon my photos - my camera settings were a tad off... I really need to work on that!

This watercolor is a work in progress  - so please pass on judging me too harshly... I just have the basics on here and am working towards finishing it up :) 

Supplies needed:
Watercolor set - raid your kiddos craft closet.
3 small paint brushes
 - one for block coloring (stiff bristles with angle)
- 2 for blending
a bowl of water
Pencil for tracing out letters onto canvas
statement to paint
exact-o knife

I made this on a 8 1/2 x 11 page, with Word Art - played around with the sizing until I got what I was wanting. 
Cut the lettering out with the exacto knife
After I cut the letters out, I traced the statement onto my canvas.  I chose to place the saying in the lower right corner... I like the look of things that are a bit off center. 
Then decided how I wanted to paint the words on the canvas - I chose the gradient of the rainbow.
I am thinking of using a very light spatter technique on the canvas in dark blues and light blue to fill in the white on the canvas...
It was fun to use watercolors again, I haven't worked with them in quite some time, I had forgotten how easy they are to work with.  Now to find another project I can use the watercolors on. 
Have you gotten inspired to try out a new art supply lately?  Have you made anything with it?

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