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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hi, Have you met our front door?

Who's decorating their house for spring?
Who's looking for decor that will go the extra mile.... past the easter eggs and bunnies... maybe even past our town's tulips.... So here is what I came up with and the step by step instructions on the project.

There are so many cute ideas on Pintrest that I have seen that I adore.... but how to incorporate these ideas... without having 87 wreaths, and 8 plastic totes full of different floral choices... all of which I wish we had the storage for... but alas... we do not... what's a girl to do? 

Got myself a few photos/ideas from Pintrest that I really liked.  I have provided the link to the blogs and the photos below...

Chevron Print - really trendy print right now - so I made a template out of cardboard just like on this

Pinned ImagePinned Image I loved these colors - yellow and teal -  and the cute simple message of this wreath.... from

So.... I gathered my materials....

Cardboard Template
Poster board - Walmart -- .97
Yellow Paint - Bright Yellow - Walmart - $1.97
Teal Paint - Bimini Blue - Walmart - .57
Yellow Polka Dot Ribbon - Dollar Tree - $1.00
Picture Frame - Mahaska Co. Outreach - $2.00

See my picture/print out of my collaboration of ideas.. Always nice to see your inspiriation in front of you.....

Next Step, I took the picture frame apart - the mat and picture was all moldy and gross, so no love lost in getting rid of that.  All I have left is the frame....
I painted the frame the teal....

 Then I traced the chevron template onto the poster board, and painted the stripes in with the Bright Yellow paint.

I cut the painted poster board to fit the frame...
Cut out the wording "Hi" on my Cricut - I layered it up with grey houndstooth and black paper...
Glued the wording to the board, and inserted into the frame.
Added the yellow polka dotted ribbon - stapled to the backside of the frame. 
Tied a ribbon and hung on the door! - Hi! Have you met our front door?
Welcome to our home!

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