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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blocking the Drive By's and Lookey-Lou's...

We have a house with a HUGE bay window in the front of the house, facing the street.... and it provides a direct view right thru our house and thru our kitchen... I am pretty sure if one studied the house slowly as they were driving by they could see our neighbor's 3-season porch behind us.  LOL!

I could never find a curtain that I liked the looks of, I thought about getting bamboo shades or even having a custom roman shade whipped up.... I knew whatever we purchased it would need to be something easy to maintain as it is behind the sink so it recieved alot of wear and tear from the overspray and playing of soapy bubbles....

So of course I hit up my favorite website for creative ideas, Pintrest...  I found several ideas and various ways to do no-sew roman shades or roller shades....Pinned them for future reference

My favorite ideas from Pintrest are listed below...

            My material list for this pull shade is:

          2 yards fabric - Hobby Lobby - $9.38           
Roller Shade - WalMart - $4.97
            Spray Adhesive - Lowes - on hand
      Roller Mounting Hardware -WalMart - .97

                   Process for Roller Shade:

Mount roller brackets in appropriate location on your window. We used the celing mount option.

Then we moved onto attaching the fabric to the roller shade... we rolled out the shade to the full length, laid the fabric over the top for a dry fit...  then we sprayed the roller shade with spray adhesive and attached the fabric.  We smoothed out the wrinkles as we went.

Next I trimmed the excess fabric along the edges
and on the end of the shade.

Final step.... put the roller shade up in the mounting brackets and pull down for shade from the evening sun, and from a complete look thru as you drive by our house!

Here is the final product in action! Lovely dose of green and blue polka-dots to compliment our kitchen and dining room paint colors. 

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