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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Entrance.... Stage Left... Watch out for changing props...

When you walk into a home, you want to have an area to come into ... a foyer... a loitering area... one that houses someplace to hang up your coats, somewhere to put your shoes, and gives you a glimpse into the home that you are entering. 

Well I don't have some grand foyer with a crystal massive chandelier, nor do I really have much of a loitering.... in fact when we bought the house, there really wasnt much of an entrance at all.... nothing very welcoming about it... the flow was WEIRD and choppy.... and did I mention WEIRD?  I struggled with this for quite some time, how do I make this area work for us?
So.... we created an entry area! 
I have seen all kinds of great ideas on Pintrest, and there are some really talented people who make benches, cubbies, and multiple areas that really jazz up their entry areas while also making it practical. 
But how did we make it our own entry way?  One that incorporated my style (electic and oddities) and my husbands style (long lasting and affordable) that was also practical?  
Well I had this door from my parents old garage on the farm...  this door used to be on a rolling rack, held from the top (like the old farm doors you see coming back into style now).
This door was just basically a door that was in our living room in our previous house in the corner as a decoration.  - I began to see that it actually had another purpose...
I wanted this door to create a partition in the small walk way to the dining room, so it would create a nook of sorts.  

So here is the poor wooden door that weighs a tremendous amount...  laid down for sanding... layers of wonderous lead paint.. 

The door wasnt the entire size of the opening, so Shawn had a great idea to install this door to make it look like it was floating in air -  either suspended in air while still allowing the concept to be open and airy...
Here he is installing the screws into our flooring and joices for support.  He covered the HUGE screws with a pipe that was spray painted black....

Here is a view from our dining room looking at the front door...

Door has now been sanded, and suspended by screws... 
Here is a couple more views of the door before it was painted.  
Views from the dining room/kitchen

View from our front door

We painted the door a milky white color called "White Chocolate Mousse" I didnt want it to completely match our white trim.
We spray painted the door handle to match the piping that covers the screws. 

 Look at Shawn, he's so cute, getting in there and making sure that everything is JUST RIGHT!  He always does such a great job at these projects I come up with. 

So for the past year or so this has been our entry area.... and it has been great....

Lamp Base - Target $20.00
Lamp Shade - Walmart - $13.00
Woven Basket - Target - Price - dont remember I have had for awhile now...
Various photos of us... from all over

Stay tuned... just because this looks ok... doesnt mean I will keep it that way!  LOL

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