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Friday, January 31, 2014

Be Mine Valentine - Mantel of Looooooove....

Everyone's all decorating their mantels for Valentines Day... and I'm over here like "what's a mantel?"  KIDDING!!!!

Here's the view...  that we look at while watching some TV in the ole Living Room....

I whipped a quick banner for our mantle out of teal and white chevron material (picked up a yard of that at Wal-Mart for around $3 or $4 - and went to town making some bunting up for our mantle and for our entry way.   I cut triangles out of the material using my pinking shears and then glued the material to the ribbon using my Welder Adhesive (LOOOOOVE this stuff!!!!).  I then punched out hearts from my heart punch and glued them on as well. 

I made one for our entryway that states  "LOVE"
the one on our mantel states "Be Mine"

Then I got really ambitious.. and starting doing other stuff to the entry way and to our mantel... and well... here we are...

I have a couple of items on here from previous blog posts, the pink heart is from our local goodwill and I spray painted it with Watermelon by Krylon.
You can see my other treasures from Thriftstore Thursday's finds here
I picked up the heart for $1.99 and the white candle came from Dollar General for, well a $1.00.

I purchased this LOVE at a local Dollar General for $1.00.  It was initially orange, and I painted it this beautiful teal by Valspar.  First time using this paint, and I am a big fan, covered quite nicely, and in cold weather to boot!

I partnered these great and affordable finds up with the "We not Me"canvas project that I shared with you all last week.
For the final touch I added the banner "Be Mine" for a little swag....


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