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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skeletons in the Closet... J/K it's just junk

Our hallway closet is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!  aggahhhhh!!! 

I say silent cuss words in my head EVERY morning I dig thru it to find my daughters hat and mittens...  heaven forbid I forget those babies and she gets frostbite... we live in IOWA... everyone wears 27 layers of clothes here in the winter... my sweet baby girl NEEDS that hat and mittens! 

Same song and dance... morning after morning... pick out which coat we want to wear that day... dig thru the shelf that I cannot see because I am too short.... so I stand on my tippy toes and grab at whatever looks feels like the correct hat and glove combination...  hence where the silent cussing comes into play....

Hope its not too early for a mathematical equation...
(stress to get out the door on time + inability to locate said hat and mittens  = cussing and anxiety)
 - I have never admitted to being the perfect mommy, therefore my silent cussing should not be judged all that heavily... either that or keep the judging to a minimum please.  :)

Okay... so I got off track.. (a little)

I took stock of what we had in the closet... obviously a lot of stuff...made mental list of stations for each type of "stuff" i.e.
  •  3 peoples mittens, hats, scarves
  • coats - WAY TO MANY in here... and I found a HUGE pile of vests in here as well...
  • shoes
  • fur person leashes - yes plural.... I found 4 of them in here....
  • Vacuum/ Step Ladder
  • diaper bag
  • bag of bags and other rando crap - umbrellas, bags, rain ponchos, etc.
we went thru and removed coats and vests that are for other seasons of the year...

See exhibit A of the pile of material removed from said closet....

Finley and I sorted all the mittens, hats, and scarves into 3 blue bins I purchased from Dollar General for $5.00 a piece.

This photo shows everything back in its place,

however now we have all 3 bins in a row on our shelf and each one has the person's name tag on it.... we moved the Thirty One bags to the end of the shelf and they are sitting the long direction on the shelf instead of the wide direction, allowing more space for the crates.  Come spring time, these blue crates can be stacked on top of each other in the closet - clearing up space for our outdoor stuff.

Cleaned and scrubbed floor in the closet... and we are good to go!  Now each morning...I go to my daughter's crate... her hat and mittens are right on top... no more stress and anxiety, no more groping around trying to find the mate to her mitten... WHEW!

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