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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Living Room Conversion.... Making an "Office" for myself

Problem #1.  we have 2 cubbies/nooks in our living room on either side of our fireplace - what to do with that dead space?

Problem #2.  I would like to have an office area where I can write my blog posts, instead of sitting in my pub chair where I have the tendency to get distracted by my fur person, the tv, etc.

Well... I may have a temporary fix for my 2 problems!  Not saying this is permanent... nothing is safe in our house :)  (insert maniacal laugh here) waaahahahaha.... 

Here is the cubbie space that I speak of in problem #1... 
sidebar: (my dawg has a seriously ROUGH life...)
Look at him, he's seriously the cutest little muppet faced dog EVER!  LOVE HIM!  He seriously sleeps ALL day, and is a wonderous feet warmer upper...  cute and practical! 

We have a desk that was in my daughter's room being used for other purposes than a desk... aka - the TV holder upper... (I know.. parents of the year... blah blah blah)

Soooo... I totally had my hubby (aka the muscle) move some furniture around for me and I confiscated the desk and moved it to the living room.... (please ignore the dust - dusting is not my forte)
I also used this yellow chair that I had painted as a prop for our Family Photo Session back in the fall.

I did bust out the Endust and cleaned that bad boy up as well as the chair...
and I started to layer the décor up...
again... this is all subject to change, nothing is sacred in our house...
Put a little art in the background for a POP! of color and something creative to stimulate my mind... a cork board to hold my break thru AH HA! moments on post its, a plant to green up the space, along with SHARPIES!!!!  (seriously... what office doesn't run on coffee and sharpies?)  HELLO????!?!?!?!
oh and speaking of coffee... a coaster (its an antique tile of a rooster) to hold my hot java
a Willow Tree figurine of a Grandma and her Grand daughter spending time together.  It's titled "Tell Me a Story Grandma" - this was a gift to me from my Mother in Law as my Memaw was SUPER COOL about sharing stories and her time with me - ALWAYS!  She and I spent a lot of time together crafting, painting, and creating all kinds of stuff, its only fitting that this sits with me as I blog.
Well that wraps up my quick fix.... Hopefully this becomes a space that is useful, stimulating and continues to be practical, while fitting in our living room/family life.  
Any re-claiming of items in your house?  Making/Organizing new areas to help your life out? 

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