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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Toddler Tuesday! Chores Galore!

Our 3 year old daughter is at a stage where she LOVES to help out with EVERYTHING!   Her level of enthusiasm is outstanding when it comes to helping out with chores around the house. 

If your doing it... she wants to help you out....

This does slow down this fast moving mom.... which IS a good thing for me... because it really teaches me to SLOOOOOOOW down along the way and take the time, savor the moment with her and give guidance in a loving and patient way.

My memaw was always so patient with me, she always had time to show me how to make things, any range of things from sewing to baking treats.  She always had the time.  There was no agenda... no hurry to complete something before the end of the day... that was the beauty of time with Grandma.  There was always time..... that is what I constantly remind myself when I feel my "hurry up!" attitude coming on when trying to complete a task with my daughter.... 

I can only hope to be that kind of a role model for my daughter...  I just need to remember....

Take the time to teach her. 

My husband and I have been participating in the Dave Ramsey financial plan of paying our debt off - which is going great might I add!  In the spirit of managing money, we wanted to start teaching our daughter the benefits of money; how to earn it, save it, and to spend it. 

To start we came up with a list of chores that Finley helps around the house with....

  • feed Oscar LaRoo (our fur person) aka -the dog in the evening.  Mommy/Daddy will give him water 
  • water the plants once a week - Mommy will get the water for her.
  • clean out the dryer lint in the dyer between loads of laundry
  • help Mommy sort laundry into correct piles/colors
  • pick up toys in living room at the end of each day
  • Help Mommy put away Finley's laundry for the week.

Now she does do other things like "Swiffer" the floors on the main level - she wants to help out so badly that I let her at it... and then clean up behind her.  She's learning though!  She also "dusts" with me occasionally - not going to lie.... this is not my forte....
These are both tasks that we can add to her list soon!
Now to teach her how to iron.... (a girl can dream right?!?!)

After each chore that she completes she gets a coin to feed the pig. 
We ask her... do you know why you are getting this money? 
She recites back to us what task she did to earn the money.  
She LOVES to feed the pig!


When her pig is full we are going to let her take it to the bank, count the saved coins.  Then she can save half and spend the other half... on whatever she can purchase with her earnings.  She gets to pick what she wants!  She's looking forward to picking something out!  I am putting money on either princess stuff or markers... that girl can tear thru art supplies like her mother! 

How about you and your family?  What chores do your tykes help out with around the house?  Are there tasks that you would like for them to do? 

I hope that she keeps up her helpful attitude and does her tasks with a joyful heart :)

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