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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine, Your'e Just Write for me!

Valentine's Day was always so much fun when I was in Elementary school... everyone handing out Valentine's to their class mates, some had candy with them, some people would write sweet things, while others would just sign their name. 
Everyone had their own "mail box" where the valentine cards were dropped before the party.... each box was decorated up in a unique way. 
There would be snacks that everyone enjoyed and probably a game to play with your classmates as well.

You would come home with just scads of candy sometimes... and that is every parents "dream"  nightmare. 

Now as a parent...I would prefer that my sweet baby girl didn't not overload on the ole candy... :)  I know... what a meanie mom I am huh?

Here is a no candy solution for your kiddies this year!

Valentine, You're just Write for me!

12x12 craft paper
typed and printed sentiment
Creative Memories cutting mat
Creative Memories circle tools
Creative Memories cutting blades
Scotch Double Sided Tape
Hole Punch

on your computer, draft up your type.... and sentiment.  Try to fit your type into the size of circle you will be cutting out.
Using the inside of cutting tool cut a small circle around the typing...

then using the outside of your Creative Memories cutting circle and blade.... cut a circle out of the pink paper.

Now using your double sided tape.... adhere your typed paper to the pink craft circle...

punch out 2 circles with your hole punch, one on each side of the outer pink circle.  Insert the pencil in the two holes.  I picked up these pencils in the $1.00 bin at Target.

Share with your buddies at school, daycare or even with your co-workers!


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