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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Burlap Silverware Holders - Show your diners some LOVE!

We have some guests coming over for dinner soon, and I thought it would be fun to have a little "love" for our guests at our meal.

I thought these burlap utensil holders would be a great way to dress up the table setting!

Seriously.... ADORABLE!!!!
Supplies Needed:
Craft Paper
Heart Punch
I had some burlap from this past fall that was left over...
I cut one long strip that was 12 inches tall...
Folded up 4 inches and left the other 8 inches for the back, creating the pocket
I cut this strip into 5 equal pieces, they are a little over 5 inches wide

Gluing the sides of the pockets closed...  and added a strip of pale pink ribbon to the tops of the pockets... I put a piece of paper in between the layers to keep the two sides from attaching to each other....

After the ribbon on the front had dried, I wrapped the ribbon around the back and glued the rest of the ribbon to the back, creating a full loop. 
I cut out 5 hearts using my heart punch.  I used raspberry red paper. 
I then glued the hearts to the pink ribbon...

Now the glue has all set... I removed the papers from the pockets and added silverware.

These are going to be the perfect addition to our dinner!!!!!
Anyone dressing up their table scapes with Valentine's Day crafts?


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