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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Dreaded Dead Space...."YAWN".......

I would like to start out by saying that I am thankful for indoor plumbing and the fact that we have an on-suite bathroom - I would then like to state that that room needs a TOTAL over-haul someday  LOL.  I am sure that my husband is JAZZED about that under-taking.

Our toliet sits in a little privacy nook, which is nice for certain reasons, however it does make for a choppy floor plan and flow to the room.... however this privacy nook while practical does create a bit of a dilema... what do you do with the space? 

You are now entering the dead zone.... "yawn"  "snooze"  "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Oh wait.... I have a couple of orange crates I picked up at the What Cher Flea Market for around $5.00 a piece... I had them in storage, had used them as end tables at one point....
(please excuse the unmade bed... it was laundry day - they were getting washed that day, so I dont have to make the bed, right?) 

Shawn leveling the shelves and installing them....

View with some decor purchased at the Dollar Tree
- Copper Pail
- Basket
- 2 Glass Canisters
- silver platter to set canisters on
- black framed mirror
Total Spent $6.00

I see the dead sexy plunger also made it into this photo op....

So... I painted a couple of items in glossy white spray paint
- copper pail - added grass
- black framed mirror
I also bought some pressed "medallions" from Lowe's for $5.00 and glued them to the mirror to jazz it up a bit...
I spray painted the basket a darker "oil rubbed bronze" and added a chalkboard tag to the toliet paper basket and juiced it up with a light blue bow.  I purchased the metal tag from  my girlfriends shop, Painted Daisies in Oskaloosa - I think I picked the tag up for $3.99.
Added a couple of towels from our linen closet and a lantern for a pretty....
Here's the work in progress....  
Check back to see the changes in our bathroom - I am thinking of painting it a beautiful light blue/grey color.  Something more spa like and tranquil - oh and not so ALMOND-Y. 

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