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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How do you Measure Up?

DIY.... Growth Ruler....  Measuring up every year...

I have been wanting a growth chart or a ruler to record our daughter's height on.  I have looked around for several different ideas - Pottery Barn Kids has several nice options however they are $50.00+.  I am becoming more and more "Dutch" the longer we live in Pella.... while those seem wonderful, I cannot spend that much money on a board with some paint or stickers.....
I was in our local Goodwill in Oskaloosa, and I found this beautiful gem... for 1.99
I was able to peel off the measurment stickers and removed the wooden cow decoration from the top.
Spray painted that bad boy several times - glossy white - Rusteolum
I cut out the numbers out of black paper from my Cricut - 5" - used George and Basic Shape cartridge
Measured out the feet
Glued on the #'s and BAM! measuring ruler!
I also spray painted a small 5x7 frame that was orignially black to add to the top of the ruler.  I thought it would be nice to change out the photos each year.....
Here's the finished product - once again. 

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