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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Retro Subway Art - new school Smothers style....

Subway Art is all the rage right now - I see it all over the place!
 - people are making these for baby gifts - decorating their homes with fun graphic prints.... and why not... some of them are free to download, you print them up and do the ole switch-a -roo with the new print in an existing frame and BAM! instant gratification! instant update!

I myself dig the graphic layout, the bold statements and the fun flow of these prints.  What's not to love?  Color, Bold Print, and I made mine up about my favorite girl - soooo.... ya it's a pretty sweet deal....oh and its FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Several sites have different ideas and instructions on how to whip these bad boys up... have a gander....


and the one that I used was this site - very easy to follow instructions! :

I decided to give it a try for our daughter's room re-do that we are working on....  check back for photos of the finished product!


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