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Friday, June 14, 2013

Come and Ring My Bell!

So as you all know I am a DIY knock-off fool!!!!
Enter my husband - stage left -  come to find out - so is he!!!!!
Oh it's so wonderful to find out you were really meant to be together LOL!

While shopping for lighting for our kitchen remodel back in oh... 2011-ish we came across a super ultra mod Italian home decor store - in the East Village of Des Moines - we came across a very interesting door bell made out of 2 wine glasses - one red and one white glass - for the very beautiful price of $400+..... well the glorious and brilliant engineering/design mind of my husband started to noodle... "however can I make that?????"....

I work for a local winery and we have a plethera of wine glasses handy at our house (when they aren't being used)..... so the fit of this weird and industrial door bell seemed to be just the right fit to replace the oh so beautiful 1970's fabric covered box that housed our door bell .... I wish I had a photo of it so you could revel in the "GLORIOUS" attributes that it brought to the room.... (did anyone pick up on the extreme sarcasm there?)

Here is the physical door bell now... and some photos of the attachment process.... sorry... I didnt capture any of his super sexy welding photos - I don't want you ladies out there to see him using heavy machinery - too much eye candy  = not always a good thing :)

So for those less talented in the mechanical arena (like myself) there is 2 mallets that hit on the bells of each wine glass - two seperate glass bells creates two seperate sounds - when the soft mallet hits against the glass the sound reverberates around the bell and creates a beautiful unique sound. 
This mallet is old school door bell man - not in service now - so Shawn found one online for $8.00 and ordered it.... Used the steel from the shop and welded the platform to hold the glasses

Installing the platform and running the wiring to the soft mallets

Not to shabby for a DIY Knockoff - orignally priced over $400.00
Designed and Made soley by the apple of my eye....
Total spent on supplies - $20.00
The level of how proud I am of his talents - limitless!!!! 
Now just come on over and visit us.... and ring our bell!   


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