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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Homemade Cleaning Products - Garbage Disposal Freshener Pods

As promised on Facebook.... the "Recipes" for the homemade cleaning products that I have made and used over the past two weeks - they have worked for the 2 weeks, and have held up, thought I would try them out before sharing with everyone...

Over the past two weeks I have used one bottle of Pine Sol that I purchased at Target for $2.42 - for several different cleaner recipes - which I will share with you all over the course of this week. I still have some left of the cleaner even!!! Probably close to a cup of cleaner remains after all recipes were made.

Garbage Disposal Freshners/Cleaner Pods

1c Baking Soda
4 Tbs Pine-Sol
1/2c Salt
Mix all ingredients together - to form a rough sand texture - this will fizz a bit.
Form into tabs with metal spoon or metal measuring spoon - press together firmly - place onto wax paper to dry overnight
Makes rougly 12 -15 tabs depending on how large you form your tabs with your measuring spoon.
Mine were not all dry from overnight - I turned them over in the morning and they were completely dry within a few hours. 
Place into an air tight container for storage.
Drop into disposal while running warm water and disposal on. 
Baking Soda - on hand
Salt - on hand
Pine- Sol - .25
I've been spending how much on those cleaning tabs/packets at Wal-Mart and Target????  OUCH!

To mix together products took about 2 minutes - I ended up doubling the recipe.
To form the tabs took about 10 minutes
Drying - overnight - flipped over to dry the underside another 3 hours.

I used this site for original inspirationa and tweaked it a bit for my own recipe.

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