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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Homemade Cleaning Products - Air Freshener

As promised on Facebook.... the "Recipes" for the homemade cleaning products that I have made and used over the past two weeks - they have worked for the 2 weeks, and have held up, thought I would try them out before sharing with everyone...

Over the past two weeks I have used one bottle of Pine Sol that I purchased at Target for $2.42 - for several different cleaner recipes - which I will share with you all over the course of this week. I still have some left of the cleaner even!!! Probably close to a cup of cleaner remains after all recipes were made.


Air Freshener for Pennies!!!!

1c Baking Soda
4Tbs Pine Sol
Container - I used a rubbermaid container
Mix together baking soda and cleaner until you form a rough sand texture. Place mixture into your storage container.  Put freshener in desired room - out of the reach of children and pets preferably. 
Shake every week or so to loosen up scent and change out each month.   
Baking Soda - on hand
Pine Sol - maybe .10???
Container - on hand
Nothing FLAT!

You may also find inspiration at this website:

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