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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jewelry Organization - displaying all my pretties

So I have all this fun jewelry... but I can't seem to ever find what I want to wear with my outfits...

I know I am not the only gal out there that looks at these piles o crap - er I mean Piles of Jewelry in the morning and feels overwhelmed by it. 

My dresser while large enough to hold a lot of stuff - lucky girl eh???  However the drawer I had all my jewelry, hair bands, watches, sunglasses and the ever so sneaky bobby pin all seemed to jumble up in that drawer...

Here's the beaut..  AFTER it had been cleaned out and "organized"

Top of the dresser before....

Collected items from around the house....
I had these goodies so this project cost me nothing!

What I used: Paper Towel Holder, Fruit Basket, Pants Hanger, Trays, and yes my friends.. a glass head (what can I say, I am a collector of odd items)

Top of dresser after....

Some photos for inspiration of each "station"

Now hopefully I will be able to see all my pretty jewelry and be able to pick what I want to wear much easier! 


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