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Monday, December 5, 2011

Smothers Christmas Decor Part 2

Part 2 of our easy breezy Christmas Decorating! 

An easy dress up for your entryway chandelier!  Wrap a garland around the lights, jazz the greenery up with berry inserts (sprigs) and some ribbon.  I purchased the lime green ribbon from Walmart for $2.97 a roll.  You will see this ribbon many times over in our house. 

An easy fix for your celing fans in your bedroom.... Hang ornaments off of miscellaneous ribbons in coordinating colors. 

Lets not forget your bathrooms folks!!!!  You can tie the same ornaments used in the bedroom in the bathroom for a coordinating theme.  I tied these ribbons to the the shower curtain hooks. 

Here's a close up pic of the entry way light decor....

We have a bay window in our dinning room, a nice easy way to carry on the ornament theme, I tied ornaments on the miscellaneous ribbon, I did use bigger ornaments in this opening as the bay area is larger and the ornaments will fill this easier without seeming "over the top".  I strung 2 strands of star lights over the curtain rod to add additional variation and to fill the gaps between the ribbons. 

I decided to showcase our lantern collection this year in our bay.  The red lantern was carried by our ring bearer in our wedding, this features an battery powered candle as well as the various ribbons found around our house.
The candle in the largest lantern is a candle that is in memory of my father who passed away several years ago.  This candle was also lit at our wedding.  I filled the latern base with remaining bulbs to tie in the ornaments hanging above. 
I placed 4 sprigs of berries around the base of all the lanterns to tie collection together and to create a "base".

Simple Kitchen arrangement.  Nice and easy, and out of the way of cooking and baking.  This can be kept up all winter if desired as it sports a nice Winter theme instead of strictly Christmas decor.

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