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Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Decor

It's Christmas time at the Smothers' household! 

Several of my girlfriends have asked me for tips on decorating for Christmas.  Everyone has their own style and color combonations that they like for their homes.  I believe the theories behind each style is the same though.  My main goal when decorating a home for Christmas is: Keep it simple, classic, and cohesive (one theme thru the whole house.)

1.) Layer your tree, lights, garland, ornaments, sprigs for filler, tree topper

2.) Add texture to your tree.  Either with 3-D elements that "POP!" out at you, thick ribbons and garlands, Feather Boas, perhaps curly willow for a more natural woodsy look.  Make your tree more texturized, especially if its a fake tree. 

3.) Balance your ornaments - if you use colored balls on your tree, use the theroy of "power of 3" when placing them on the branches.  Choose 3 coordinating colors of decorations (mine is Lime Green, Red, and White)  Try to place the 3 colors around each other in a grouping.  Never the same color besides each other though.    Place your special ornaments such as items your children have made in between the 3 ball grouping to break up the pattern. 
4.) Tree Topper - So many options for your topper, we have a snowmans hat that is whimsical and fun for Children.  If you are into floral options, fun choices include feathers making a "crowned" affect at the top of the tree and then adding floral sprigs in front of the feathers to complete the look. This is like a womans hair... its her crowning glory - or the tree's crowning glory in this case.  Pick or create a topper that glues your decor together while really making a WOW statement at the same time. 
5.) Depth - Adding depth to a tree is super simple, if you place some ornaments farther back on your branches this creates the illusion of a HUGE tree, one with deep branches.  Be sure to place the ornaments so you and your family can still admire them. 

Finished Product....

Our entry way in our house has a little nook that needed a touch of Christmas Cheer, one that welcomed guests when they came into our home.  This is the nook decor.... easy peezy... just empty boxes wrapped in gift wrap that coordinat with our tree decor.  This is also the same wrapping paper that we are using this year for under our tree for our gifts. 

Enjoy these decorating tips!  Please feel free to share your ideas for decorating!

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