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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Mystery of the Floating Hearts

I totally just felt like I was Carolyn Keene when I wrote that title....
I LOVED Nancy Drew when I was growing up.  My mom had all the books, and I would pour over them again and again. 
Now even though those girls had quite a mystery ahead of them... this post really isn't that mysterious.
  However it will unravel the mystery of how to make a frame of floating hearts!
For our mantel, I felt that we needed something with some height to add to the mix... we had plenty of smaller items that I mixed and matched and they all had various heights.  However on the left side (as your looking at it) there was just NOTHING in my bag of goodies that was Valentines related that I could put up there.  
What's a girl to do?  Well.. make something then!
I had this blue frame from another project (for my daughter's room), however I wasn't using it yet... so... I robbed peter to pay paul for this project!  hee hee! 


 Supplies Used:
Picture Frame - I picked this up at a local thrift store, took the picture out.
Spray paint - to paint the frame
Butchers Twine or String
Craft Papers - scraps of 6 papers in coordinating colors.
Heart Punch
Glue - I used Homax - Welder Adhesive

  • I cut the butchers twine to the length of the empty frame.   (leave enough allowance to tie a bow around the edges of the frame for attachment).
  • I punched out various hearts in the craft papers I had scraps of. I used blue, pinks, and various patterned papers.  Nothing super matchy matchy... but it all goes together... somehow.
  • I then glued two hearts together using two of the same papers. 
  • I staggered the hearts on the strings so they wouldn't all be in a line...
  • Tied the string to the frame, and put up on the mantel.  BOOM! instant height!

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