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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Lil Sweet Treat for my Sweet Peet!

Finley and I whipped up some easy Valentine treats this past weekend for her to share with her buddies at day care... (I think they were a hit... only 2 cookies came back in the baggie!)  LOL.

We wanted to share the recipe with you all - it is seriously - VERY EASY... so easy a 3 year old could do it... Oh wait... a 3 year old LITERALLY did make these! 

Here's a little cheeeeeeese for you today...

Valentine Strawberry Wafer Cookies

Sprinkles - ALOT of them...
Baker's Chocolate (Semi Sweet)
Baker's White Chocolate
Strawberry Wafter Cookies

Melt the Baker's Chocolate in your microwave, according to the directions on the box.  I believe it took around 3 minutes on our microwave.
Dip each wafter cookie into the chocolate(s)
Sprinkle your fun decorations onto the wafer cookie before the chocolate sets. 
Let cookies sit until chocolate sets up and hardens.
We placed the dipped cookies on wax paper, but I am sure the parchment paper would work too or a cookie tray - whatever you have on hand.

Warning: your 3 year old will try to eat all the sprinkles, cookies and ask to lick the chocolate bowls...  allowing this may allegedly give said child a sugar rush... and a lot of extra energy.


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  2. Thanks for the follow Taira XO! I will have to stop by and check your site out today. Have a great day!