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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine, I'm WILD about you!

Valentine, I'm WILD about you!
As a mom of a toddler, I would rather not have my daughter eatting candy at every holiday.  So for her Valentine's gifts for her little buddies at daycare I wanted something that didnt include sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar.  Thanks to the idea of a friend of mine, Ann Drummond, we came up with a very affordable and cute gift for her friends!  

 Finley and I went to our local Dollar Tree and picked out 6 animals for $1.00 a piece.  Finley got to say what animals she wanted for her buddies, and she LOVED it!  She went thru the store proclaiming her excitement  about these upcoming gifts... it was very sweet to see her wanting to share toys with others and to see her happiness in giving a gift to a friend.

Our materials needed list:
Construction paper - 1 pc of Pink paper
12x12 Zebra paper - 2 pc at 1.00 a pc.
Scissors and Pinking Shears
Paper Cutter
Animals - $1.00 a pc.
Double Sided Tape
 Cutie Patootie.... excited to make Valentine's for her friends at daycare!

 Packaging of our Valentines.....

 A little cute sediment ....

Finished product!  A fun little animal toy to play with, as well as a cute little expression to share a little love with her friends!

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