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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mixed Media Collage Wall

Do you have that space in your house that just is a dud?  What do you do with it? 
Do you have multiple items that you love, and want to display, but don't know how?

I had all these great ideas and pictures pinned on Pintrest just burning in my mind...I struggled though.... how do I incorporate all those ideas and craft projects into one collaboration?

My solution.....  A mixed Media Collage Wall in my upstairs hallway! 

Color Combonation.... Wall color - Woodsmoke (Better Homes and Gardens color)
Teal Blue, White, and Orange accents. 

So I began to collect all my random items, my picture frames, free printable sayings from blogs I had found and downloaded.  Here is a photo of my collection...  in progress.....

Next Step was to make my craft items that had caught my attention on Pintrest... 
Modge Podge Phots to Canvas
Paint and Modge Podge Photos to Woode Plaques
Incorporate scrabble pieces into sayings
Add texture to the wall by using fabric in fun trendy prints

                                     these wooden plaques were .97 a piece.  I purchased 3. 

I painted 2 of the frames teal blue and one orange.  I also painted a letter S teal blue as well. 

I then used Mod Podge for the first time, I found two photos of my daughter that I loved, and I applied them to the wooden plaques with Mod Podge.  I followed the directions on the back of the bottle, this product is great to work with. 
Next I created my own "subway art" canvas project..
First - I painted the canvas blue all over with spray paint.
Second - I selected my paper colors, orange, grey, teal blue and white.
Third - I cut out my saying on my Cricut.  I used 2 different fonts.  Cherry Limeade and George and Basic Shapes.
Fourth - I glued my wording to the canvas after deciding on the layout I wanted.
Fifth - I coated the canvas with Mod Podge to seal the work.
While that canvas was drying.... I moved onto my next project...
Scrabble Art!
I found these great Scrabble tiles at a local thrift store for .50 a game!  I bought 3 games... I figure I can do alot with these letter tiles down the road.

I attached this blue plaque to a white canvas. 
Now my collection of goodies and treats are ready to be hung up and displayed....
A big thank you to my husban for helping me hang up all these wonderful items!  xoxo!
Fabric covered canvas's - the fabric came from Hobby Lobby - $4.99 a yard.

I had the big letter S from an adventure to MN with a girlfriend.  It came from a Steve and Barry's that closed down.  It was a dark navy blue originally.... I spray painted it a creamy white.
I am still looking for 2 other items to fill in the area above the two 8x10 white frames. The great thing about a collage wall is that, it all comes together... over time... its something that is ecelectic but somehow all matches when it is put together.
I hope you enjoyed looking at our fun mixed media collage wall.... I hope that you found some inspiration from this project. 



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