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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Escapades in Remodeling Part 3

Let's get some cabinets installed folks!
 This was a momentous and very exciting day at our house.  Well exciting to me at least LOL!  I dont know how thrilled the guys were,  but I know that I sure was jazzed! 
Cory and Shawn started with our upper cabinets, they are getting ready to install our upper corner cabinet. They are going to put the upper hinged cabinet and the corner cabinet and two side cabinets in together... 
Lets get this "party" started.....

                                                  putting the corner configuration together....

One very "fun" fact about installing corner cabinets... this cabinet has to be perfect, level and installed to perfection.  All other cabinets stem from this... so if this is off... the rest of the cabinets will be of too.  This configuration took about 4 hours from putting together and installed. 

Corner is in and looking great!  Then they went onto the far wall, with the pantry.
Once the pantry was installed, then they moved onto the other cabinets on the far wall and the upper hinged cabinets with the frosted glass. 

By the end of the day these were all installed and we actually had base cabinets installed as well....  its starting to look like a kitchen! 

Next morning was our cabinets that surround our fridge.  This cabinet has a pull out shelves in the bottom and standard shelves in the top for my cookbooks. 

The upper cabinets that go above the fridge...... two massive and deep shelves to hold our party and serving ware items.

onto the broom closet to close off the entire fridge nook....

Heres a look at the progress so far....  
The tile flooring will be removed and replaced with recycled cork

tada!  we have an island!  Remember the countertop that was on our breakfast bar?  Well we were able to take it to Des Moines and have the corners rounded off and you would never know that the edges were rough and sawed off. 

Here is the stone for our backsplash... we picked a dry stacked stone from The Tile Shop in Clive, Iowa. 

Its starting to come together!!!  The only new appliance we bought was the microwave, from Lowe's. 

well there is the jist of the install... 
Next the final pictures and the comparision of the before and after pictures! 

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