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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Big Preppy Jackie O necklace

Welcome 2013! 

While I have not been very good about posting our family's outings or projects in 2012, I am hoping to change this in 2013.  - New Year's Resolution time and all...  So... here is my BIG PREPPY JACKIE O NECKLACE  :)  - minus my daughter's I love you to the moon and back chain that I wear all the time. 

My first crafty project for 2013 is a rather over the top twist to the classic pearl necklace... My personality is rather over the top, so my accessories need to keep up too LOL!  This necklace was inspired by a couple of pins from Pintrest that I came across and I thought "I can do this too!"

 All the layered necklaces seem to be pricey for me and I wanted to have the look, without the price... sooooo... Thrift Store digging it is!  I went to Mahaska County Outreach (great thrift store in Oskaloosa Iowa) and purchased 3 necklaces from them for $4.00. 

Putting all three together, so that the clasps were on the sides and that the layers of the pearls were stacked and layed nicely... I then cut a 12 inch satin ribbon in pearlized taupe (you can change out the color of the ribbon for any outfit!) and made my first knot on the side where the clasps were hidden...

Now onto the other side... duplicating the double knot... on the other side - making sure that the strands of pearls were still laying nicely I tied the other side of the ribbon to complete a necklace... I had to try it on a couple of times to ensure that the length was good on me, I just shortened the length each time I tied it and cut off the excess ribbon. 


  1. Good Job Michelle. Looks like you had fun making it. - your cuz, Sarah

  2. It was super easy... I think I had it all put together in a few minutes. Took more time shoppping for a deal then it took to put together. The thrill of the thrift store hunt = priceless!