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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Today's Post brought to you by the Letter F and the color Coral

 When we first decorated our daughter's room she was an infant.  I remember our friend Marlena coming over and holding Finley while Shawn and I painted her room a wonderful, soothing Tiffany blue ... and Finley fussed the entire time.... thankfully Marlena is patient and accepting. 

For accent colors, we used Raspberry, Pale Pink and some lime green in her room originally, and now she wants those colors in her toy room, so we thought we should change things up a little bit in her room so the two rooms weren't matchy matchy. 

I found the color combination of pale blue, coral, grey and white to be a great, calming color combination.  She could still have her same wall color, have that touch of pink that she so loves... and we can begin to transition from a nursery into a girls room without too much of a financial burden. 

Her bed faces a wall that has nothing on it, and her dresser is rather large gorgeous piece from a local furniture store (Boats in Pella).  There is a TV and DVD player on the dresser, but other than that.... nothing much to look at.
I laid out my rough idea before having the pieces hung up...
I thought we could put together a small gallery wall for her room.  I was inspired by a framed piece I made with my monthly Stampin Up! club
 to anchor the wall display - We placed the largest piece in the middle....

And built out from there.  I wanted to make sure the coral and whites were balanced when you looked at the wall...  So we mixed in the white with the coral before hanging on the wall...

Here is an up close look at the pieces that make up her wall display....

I spray painted the Coral frames with Krylon Coral Isle.  These frames were all different colors at one point or another, black, wooden, gold and I just sprayed them all.  The white frames even were spray painted white,  again, using Krylon Duo Paint and Primer in White.  These frames were all black to start out with. 
I am still on the hunt for the perfect item to put in the fun coral frame that is on your right hand side as you look at the photo, any ideas or recommendations?

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