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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thriftstore Thursday!

I am super JAZZED about these two finds that I found at our local Oskaloosa Goodwill!!!!!
I spent around $5.00 for both of gems?!?!?!?

This vase was $2.99  while it does have a beautiful pealized sheen to it...
My plan is to paint this entirely all black, and paint 2 chevron white stripes at the top. 
 I have 2 artificial palm branches that I would like to put in this vase for summer decor. 
This frame is beyond gorgeous!!!  It just SCREAMS summer!!!!  The bamboo and the teak look to it is just fantastic.   This frame was $1.99 and I snatched it up super fast!!! 
I cannot wait to spray paint this frame a bright fushcia pink...
I have a very fun painting for a canvas to put in there...
Think..... "GREASE"  -
 "Oh Those Summer Nights"  or "Summer Lovin"

Both of these pieces made me so happy to find  them, they struck a cord with me the moment I saw them.  I had my inspiration the moment I locked my eyes upon them. 
Sometimes it's not that easy though... sometimes you think - What would I do with this?  What could I do with this?    - Or what if you just aren't inspired by anything when you go? 
There is just so much stuff, how do I find anything?
My advice would be - ask yourself questions... lots of them...
A.) Slow your roll, there is no need to get overwhelmed by everything here.
B.) I always look at the lines of the piece.  I am a fan of straight clean lines. 
If the lines are something that I like or think would go with my home, I then try to think how I could change it, could I paint it?   Could I decopauge it?  etc.
C.) Where would you put this piece?  
D.) Would you be able to use this piece again?  Would your dollar stretch further with it? or is it just kitchy? 
When you go to the thrift store,  do you go with a particular item in mind or do you enter with an open mind?
What have you bought from your local thrift store recently?
Are you wanting to try something new? 

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