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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lighthearted Sympathy Gift


A friend and co-worker of mine recently had her Grandma pass away from a battle with Cancer.  Stupid C word...  Her grandma was 90 years old and had enjoyed life.  Still hard to loose a special person like that, even when you have accepted the reality. 

I really wanted to give her a card or something that would express my condolences but would also find a way to bring a smile to her face.  Something light hearted, but still heart felt.

Losing your Grandma Really "Sucks" .... Sorry.
Let's get this cute little gift put together!
Materials Needed:
1 empty container - I repurposed an oatmeal box
Spray Paint - your choice of color - I used Watermelon from Krylon
1 Foam floral block
Paper - one for the large circle, and one for the sentiment
Cutting tools - I used my Creative Memories Circles
Bamboo Skewer
Glue - I used Elmers Hobby Glue

First, lets paint your container - this coverage took about 3 coats to cover up all the wording

Insert the floral foam into the container

Place suckers in the floral foam - I did all straight rows, kept them tight together

Glued ribbbon around the container for a simple embellishment
Cut out the circles - I did 2 of the outer circles in blue - glue them together with the skewer in between. glue the sentiment to the big outer circles. 
Insert the skewer into the floral foam.
Here's a look at the final gift.

She was thrilled about her gift,  lots of smiles, and a compliments.  She was very pleased with the gift. 
I can only hope that when she thinks of this gift or tastes a sucker that she knows she is thought of.
How can you brighten someone's day with a simple gesture?

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