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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back to the Basics.... Noodle Necklace

All of us as kiddies have made a noodle necklace, especially if you have spent any time at a local Vacation Bible School or a Summer Art Camp...
The pride my daughter has for her noodle necklace is outstanding, and just way too cute to pass on sharing with you all!

We purchased a bag of Rigatoni noodles from The Dollar Tree.  Pretty affordable for a toddler activity - $1.00!

Finley colored several noodles with her Crayola Magic Markers.  She had to color in the grooves of the noodles, and try to get the noodle fully covered.  This was an activity in patience and focusing our attention.  She did great!

Then she strung the colored noodles on yarn...
great activity for hand eye coordination!

Here is an up close of her colored and strung noodles....

This activity took part of an afternoon, and a little time in an evening.  It was a great little project for her confidence and it was great for her to do while I was cooking dinner or folding laundry .  She could do this project with little guidance and she really enjoyed being able to do a project on her own.  CONFIDENCE BUILDER!

Pretty simple project, very affordable price tag, and it helped her confidence and she was rewarded with an accessory that is like none other! 

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