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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Let's Spice Things Up!!!! The Smothers' Spice Cabinet Organization

I can't say that enough.  I am very lucky to have such a great room... 


I have a corner cabinet that has a lazy susan in it...  and I have been keeping my spices on the bottom rack...  I can't ever find the right spice for the recipe I am making... therefore I come up with 4 containers of Rosemary Leaf, 3 containers of both Ground Mustard and Mustard Seed.

 Not the greatest thing for staying in our grocery budget. 

I visited our local Dollar Tree to see what containers they would have for spice storage, and I came up with these cuties...

I purchased 5 packages of 10 containers for a total of $5.00
Got out my trusty label maker - made up labels for each spice container - both for the top of the lid as well as the side.  Therefore I can see the spice name wherever they may be.  Great news... I also came across 3 containers of dillweed...  REeeeeallll Nice....

You can see our kitchen layout in this link : Smothers' Kitchen

I thought about using a riser system to display all the containers.... I thought about just stacking them up all in rows...  this is me "practicing" a new layout....

I have all these extra bottles that are odd balls... I put those guys all together on the second shelf...grouping the like ones together, I married the misc bottles of cinnamon, parsley etc. together into one big bottle, cleaning up some sq. footage. 

I decided to go with a smaller lazy susan inside the bottom shelf of the cabinet left of the stove... right about my cooking utensil drawer...

I even put my baking items on the top shelf.. so now ALL my spices and baking items are all housed together. 
Have you found a good spice organization system that works for you?

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