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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who doesnt love a "Quick Fix"??????

We all have corners in our house where we can add POPS! of color to... 
I happen to have one in my kitchen...
What to do... what to do... this girl has a spray paint addiction/love.... I have free product for a project....  Well here's the scoop...
My mother gave me 3 cookie sheets the other day she had purchased for a school/teacher project - she got them at the Dollar Tree.
I went and purchased this delicious color of Rusteolum Spray Paint at Walmart - for around $4.00 for the can...
 Painted - LOVING THIS Citrus-y Lime Green color for spring/summer!

Added some magnets from my fridge to hold recipes and a wonderful picture of the most beautiful baby girl I know...
I also had 3 canisters that I made for Finley's birthday that mildly matched... they were containers I purchased at Goodwill, Painted the Candlesticks from the Dollar Tree and glued them together.  These 3 containers hold easy to grab snacks for my daugher.

Here's a few views of the set up/arrangement....  enjoy!

Easy fixes - Easy splash of color for my kitchen!  I also have a bright orange olive oil container that sits on my countertop by my stove currently.
Do you have an area that needs a POP! of color - or an affordable spring refresher?

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