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Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's to the first of many...

Well here it is... my first post!   In the grand scheme of things I suppose to some this first posting is in comparison to mouse poop.  We all have to start somewhere.  So heres my pile of mouse poop!  LOL!

I am hoping this blog is a way to keep my family and friends in contact with our household, a way to share cute and special family moments with those who do not live as close as we would like.  Perhaps this is the easy way of not sending letters and pictures to those who deserve them.  I do hope that this is an opportunity for us to share a laugh at the everyday manusha that happens at the Smothers house. 

So I raise my glass to you all in a great "Salute" and say heres to many as the bottle hits the front of this "ship" and we go off into the world of blogging.  Cheers to you my friends and family!  May your day be full of sunshine and unicorns today!

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